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At Mariedent Australia, we are so confident in our products, especially Hair Restore Advanced that we are offering you a complete money back guarantee on all online purchases (excluding shipping) with us if the product does not meet your expectations.

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Daniel Viney, Surfers Paradise, QLD
I bought Hair Restore Advanced about four months ago (after my sister had some success) ("reduce hair loss" and "regrow hair") is actually true. In 4 months I can see a real difference in my bald spot and thinning areas.

Michael Kerala, Penrith, NSW

When I turned 30 my hair began to thin out. I was afraid what people would think when they looked at my thinning hair.

I started noticing my hair loss in September 2009 while I was taking a shower. After shampooing and rinsing, I saw hairs all over my hands. Then I looked down at the shower drain to find more hair strands swirling around the edge heading towards the centre of the drain. That was when I started to panic. That night I started researching on the internet to find different ways to keep my current hair and regrow the lost ones. After a week of researching for a solution that was not only effective, but also safe, easy to use and had minimal side effects, I stumbled upon Hair Restore Advanced.

I have to admit, I was sceptical at first but after 3 months of using Hair Restore Advanced, not only did my hair stop falling out, but my hair was looking fuller, healthier and noticeably thicker. Today, about ten of my friends are on Hair Restore Advanced. And whenever somebody with hair loss asks about how I got my hair back, I always recommend Hair Restore Advanced because I know it works.

Christian Yangiou, Marrickville, NSW

I was always very skeptical about products that claimed to restore hair. But, after six months of personally using Hair Restore Advanced, my hair is growing stronger and fuller looking and my friends are asking me what I am doing that is restoring my hair. I tell them its Hair Restore Advanced. I’ve already got three of my closest friends on it.

Mike Lima, Bondi, NSW

I just wanted to thank you for your great hair loss formula. Naturally, I was skeptical. I shopped around first. But yours was one of the few formulas that contained ingredients that have been used successfully for centuries in many countries (I searched up all the ingredients). So,I began using your product and paying close attention. It's been less than a two months, and mind you, I have a freakishly high metabolism, but I'm already seeing some results. Small hairs are growing in around my temples where I had been thinning!

Nicole Summons, Townsville, QLD

When I was growing up, I had a full, thick head of hair. After having my first baby, I suddenly had tremendous hair loss. I had to wear a hair piece! Every few years since then I had periods of hair loss. I became very emotional as my skull began showing through, I was sure my hair would never go back to what it was. Finally, after all these years of never finding anything to help, I heard about Hair Restore Advanced. I decided to give it a try. I noticed a difference in texture after only 4 weeks. I have now been on Hair Restore Advanced for just over 3 months. My husband now constantly tells me that my hair feels and looks great.

Greg Lovell, Drummoyne, NSW

I have used your Hair Restore Advanced product for 10 months. It took about 6 months for me to really notice substantial results. In the past 3 months, the results were very evident. I am really amazed that I actually started regrowing hair back in my bald spots. I want to send the biggest thank you to your company for introducing Hair Restore Advanced to me. Every morning I wake up and look in the mirror and am so amazed with what Hair Restore Advanced has done for me. I feel like a new man!

Patrick Chen, Penrith, NSW

I have lived with significant hair loss for over 5 years. I read about your product in Men’s Health magazine and decided to give it a try. In 8 months, I have stopped the hair loss and have even regained the hair that I lost. And the colour is back to normal. Thanks for the great product.

Ruth Cannigan, Castle Hill, NSW

I am a customer of yours and have been using your product and so are my sisters. It really works. You have made this 23 year old girl very happy - I have been losing my hair since the age of 19. Also, thanks for all the great service and the care that the staff at Hair Restore Advanced show whenever I call.

Mike Wines, Townsville, QLD

Just a note to say your product is excellent. Results are truly visible after 6- 7 months and most importantly it regrows hair at the hairline! I'm looking to having a full head by the end of the year. I have just ordered my eighth course of and all I can say is keep up the good work.

Tricia Ho, North Melbourne, VIC

I am 59 and recently I started to lose excessive hair which worried me. One of my friends told about Hair Restore Advanced and how it had worked for her hair loss. She told me to try it and I did. After 1 month of use I have noticed that my hair has stopped falling out in clumps. I would really recommend this product to anyone out there who is experiencing the pain and embarrassment that I was going through.

Michael Briscoe, Ryde, NSW

I had not been able to stop my hair from falling out, until I used your product. Your product actually stopped my stubborn hair loss. Hair Restore Advanced is a god- send.

Navi Singh, Essendon, VIC

I've been using Hair Restore Advanced for about 3 months with some excellent results. Around the second month I noticed my hair was thicker, had more body and a vibrant colour. This is a great product that I will continually use!

Judith Kristensen, Canberra, ACT

I am 31 and recall my hair starting to thin drastically starting 2 years ago. Lately my scalp became very dry and itchy and I was losing more and more hair every day. My hair had split ends and felt very dry. I often wore a baseball cap to hide my thin hair. Three months ago I started to use the Hair Restore Advanced hair loss product. I was told that hair loss product will work but it will take time. Now after 3 months my hair looks alive, the itching has totally gone and hair fall has reduced significantly.

Dianna Beattie, Parkville, VIC

I felt ashamed about my hair loss and falling hair, and often avoided social gatherings for fear of further embarrassment. Then I found Hair Restore Advanced, and at first I was very skeptical. Finally I took a leap of faith, and bought my two months supply of Hair Restore Advanced, and since then my life has changed - no longer do I find myself missing engagements or making excuses.

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